The Career Musician Podcast Episode 3 - Joel Stevenett Drummer to the STARS!!!


With credits that read like a short novel, Joel is not only a drummer to the stars, but the consumate professional that truly embodies the very meaning of the term - CAREER MUSICIAN! 

Discussion points include: 

Playing in unison with other band members 

Locking drums and bass

Backing up the artist your playing for

Not over emphasizing chops when inappropriate  

Multitasking as it relates to session drumming

Programming drum beats

The Nashville music scene: Chris Blizzard, Butch Dillon, Karlton Taylor, Nioshi Jackson, Dan Needham, JD Blair 

Playing to the click/metronome with 1/4 notes only versus 1/8 notes at a slow tempo to feel the groove

Drum legend JR Robinson

Erik and Kelly Paiste 

Air Supply & Graham Russell 

3 foot rule: talk to anyone within your 3 foot radius as a rule of networking

New Media Marketing 

Enough work to go around

Engage with others by talking about them and not yourself 

Taking initiative and following up 

Seize the opportunity and ask questions

Allen Holdsworth

The Wackerman family of drummers 

Modern Drummer magazine

Maintaining an attitude of positivity and happiness goes a long way