The Career Musician Podcast Episode 4 - Legendary Tour Manager Bernie Boyle


What do The Beatles, Michael Jackson, and Paul McCartney have in common? They all called upon legendary tour manager Bernie Boyle to get their tours on the road! Check out the Career Musician Podcast featuring Bernie and his illustriously entertaining anecdotes! 

Discussion points include:

The very beginning

Hearing The Beatles for the first time and working as their “gopher"

Lifting organs for John Mayall and The Bluesbreakers to becoming a tour manager

How the '60s and '70s compare to today

When the music industry started to go sour

Tour Essentials

Airline problems  

Doing things yourself to make sure they’re done correctly 

Health and keeping it up on the road

Words of Wisdom for aspiring CAREER MUSICIANS 



The Career Musician Podcast Episode 3 - Joel Stevenett Drummer to the STARS!!!


With credits that read like a short novel, Joel is not only a drummer to the stars, but the consumate professional that truly embodies the very meaning of the term - CAREER MUSICIAN! 

Discussion points include: 

Playing in unison with other band members 

Locking drums and bass

Backing up the artist your playing for

Not over emphasizing chops when inappropriate  

Multitasking as it relates to session drumming

Programming drum beats

The Nashville music scene: Chris Blizzard, Butch Dillon, Karlton Taylor, Nioshi Jackson, Dan Needham, JD Blair 

Playing to the click/metronome with 1/4 notes only versus 1/8 notes at a slow tempo to feel the groove

Drum legend JR Robinson

Erik and Kelly Paiste 

Air Supply & Graham Russell 

3 foot rule: talk to anyone within your 3 foot radius as a rule of networking

New Media Marketing 

Enough work to go around

Engage with others by talking about them and not yourself 

Taking initiative and following up 

Seize the opportunity and ask questions

Allen Holdsworth

The Wackerman family of drummers 

Modern Drummer magazine

Maintaining an attitude of positivity and happiness goes a long way 


NOMADSPLACE podcast ep.2 - Healthy Road Life


While on tour with Toni Braxton and Kenny 'Babyface' Edmonds in South Africa, NOMAD spoke with event security and close protection bodyguards Tyronne Mattner and Gareth Katzew about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle on the go. They're collective insight reveals that although one might face many obstacles on the road it is important to maintain constancy in diet, training and sleep. With a clientele list ranging from U2, Chris Brown, Linkin Park and just about every other major music act imaginable these guys are extremely humble which makes them that much more inspiring. Whether you are a touring musician, traveling business executive, competitive athlete, or just a fan of life, you can almost bet you’ll find this information useful in some way. 

Some discussion topics include: 

- Diet

- Cheat day

- Training with limited equipment

- Injuries 

- Inspiration and staying motivated

- Music and training

As mentioned in the interview, pics of Tyronne’s meal bag and shake container can be found here.

*Disclaimer: A substantial amount of ambient noise can be heard as due to the hectic tour schedule this interview was conducted in the hotel lobby restaurant over a quick breakfast.


NOMADSPLACE Podcast episode 1 - Rules of the Road


In this debut episode of the NOMADSPLACE Podcast series, NOMAD talks with members of the Kenny 'Babyface' Edmonds (KBE) band and crew about the various unspoken "rules of the road" in addition to the many obstacles one might have to endure while touring. Overall, the common reoccurring theme hovers around finding ways to be respectful of everyones boundaries and personal space while setting your own in the most diplomatic and natural way. 

Topics/Terms covered:

- Lobby Call 

- Oil Spotted

- Personal / Travel Profiles 

- Fly dates vs. Bus Tours 

- Per Diem 

- After Show Food / Catering Buyouts